'Share your bread with the hungry'


In 1995 Pam Baker, a member of Barnabas Community Church Shrewsbury, visited Ukraine on a church mission trip. Whilst in Makeevka, eastern Ukraine, She struck up a friendship with leaders and members of Rhema church who had recently committed themselves to help the poorest members of their community by starting a feeding programme. Barnabas church started to help Rhema church with their feeding programme. Then in 1997 BREADtrust was launched as a new charity to develop this work across eastern Europe and elsewhere through strategic partnerships with local churches to deliver feeding programmes and other forms of humanitarian aid.


Our mission - BREADtrust is a Christian charity which works through strategic partnerships with local churches in eastern Europe and the developing world to help them deliver humanitarian projects for the poorest in their communities. BREADtrust has sponsored feeding programmes, rehabilitation centres, family support, prison work, medical equipment and refugee assistance. Our work now covers the whole of Ukraine and we have developed a special focus recently on refugee support in response to the internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians as a result of the civil conflict which started in 2014.


Our hope is to multiply our work into other countries in the coming years with a special focus on Africa.


Project Co-ordinators:

Ray & Beryl Green,

Phil Downward, Nick Priggis.

Ukraine lead partners:

Igor & Tanya

Zambia lead partners:

Joseph and Lillian Mwila


Martin Charlesworth – Chair

Beryl Green – Secretary

Debbie Proctor – Finance

Ray Green

Sarah Allman

Jamie Muir

Roger Bebb

Nick Priggis


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